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Madrid, october 2020. On 1 October, the last chemical risk drill in Cantabria took place succesfully. This drill is the last one of a total of 8 which were carried out since july in all SEVESO chemical plants in the province.

Colombia, September 2020. La Línea Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Latam and the most important infrastructure of this type in Colombia, was opened to traffic on 5 of september.

Cantabria, September 2020. On 3rd of september the chemical leaks drills was restarted in Cantabria. The first of the four scheduled drills until october took place in Dynasol (Gajano). It was tested the response capacity of the company and the emergency services in such cases of casualty.

Madrid, July 2020. Executive Forum España has organized this meeting with Rosalía Gonzalo, CEO of Calle 30. She spoke about this urban infrastructure, one of the most important reference in the world.

Madrid, june 2020. AMSARI project (Analysis Multi-Scenario to Achieve Reliable Indicators) is developed in the field of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.

Valencia, june 2020. TEKIA in Joint Venture with Inserail and Airtren, have started the technical assistance for the supervision of the facilities projects and works in Xátiva-Valencia High Speed rail section Xátiva-Valencia in the Mediterranean Corridor.

Madrid, june 2020. ITS Iberoamerica organises the III Iber-American Congress (1-3 june). TEKIA sponsors the event and participates in 4 sessions. Due to the current Covid-19 health crisis this edition will be 100% online.

Bogota, may 2020. In the frame of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Iniciative, the World Bank´s Global Road Safety Facility has commisioned TEKIA to assist to the The Secretariat of Mobility of Bogota its methodology to prioritize locations of new traffic lights, to include road safety criteria in the decision-making process.

Basque Country, April 2020. The TEKIA-IDOM consortium (UTE RS 2018) has extended its work as Safety Officer of the tunnels managed by Bidegi in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa until April 2022.

Mexico, April 2020. TEKIA has finished the expert report on the Operation and Maintenance Long-Term Programme (LTP) for the concession period (2020-2051), OPEX.

Pamplona, March 2020. The technological renovation project is currently in its final certification stage, after a successful deployment in Pamplona's Regional Urban Transport fleet.

Barcelona, march 2020. The office is located in Rambla of Catalunya, one of the city's main streets.

Madrid, february 2020. The World Bank awards to the Joint Venture TEKIA / Braxton, Technology assessment for Data management & Road safety enhancement in Ecuador and Pilot in Quito project.

Madrid, january 2020. In this audit, the certification of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards has been renewed and the migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001: 2018 has been successfully carried out.

Lima, december 2019. Currently the line 1 is the only line operating and the line 2 is under construction.