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Madrid, July 2020. Executive Forum España has organized this meeting with Rosa  Alarcón, President of Transports Metropolitans of Barcelona and Councilor for mobility of the Barcelona City Council.

Mexico, march 2021. Following the proposals included in the safety audit report carried out by TEKIA, the concession company has scheduled some improvements in its tunnels. In a first stage, they will be related to lightning, signailng of evacuation routes and reinforcement of the provision of fire extinguishers.

Madrid, march 2021. The objective of this seal of the Ministry of Economy is to value innovative SMEs, identify them and help implement specific policies for these companies. It is a public recognition of the company's efforts to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Madrid, March 2021. Since this month, TEKIA become a member of the spanish Asociation of engineering, consultancy and technological services companies.

Quito, Ecuador. February 2021. This speed control pilot test is part of the project "Technology assessment for data management & Road Safety enhancement in Quito", financed by the World Bank and Korean KWPF funds.

San Sebastián, february 2021. The Basque Gobernment has included this project into the Euskadi Next Program 21-26 to be financed by the European Recovery Fund.

Madrid, january 2021. TEKIA bets on BIM methodology as a working tool in tunnel equipment projects and in ITS projects where it can be applied.

Madrid, january 2021. The Joint Venture TEKIA-EVERIS has sign the Technical Assistance to ATM for the drafting of protocols, coordination and monitoring of system test for the validation and acceptance of the T-Mobilitat System.

Madrid, january 2021. The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) continues to replace its fleet with electric and gas vehicles to achieve a clean fleet. These buses are equipped with the  Efficient Driving Assistance System, EcodrivingBus.

Mexico, january 2021. TEKIA has recently signed the study of the CCTV system to ensure complete coverage both on the highway and at the toll plazas.

Biscay, november 2020. The Provincial Council of Biskay has signed with the Joint Venture TEKIA-Fulcrum the technical Assistance for the drafting of construction projects on its road network.

Barcelona, november 2020. Technical assistance in the execution of the contracts of maintenance and operation of the road information center of Catalonia (CIVICAT, Servei Catalá de Tránsit) and maintenance and repair of the facilities in the road network.

Madrid, october 2020. On 1 October, the last chemical risk drill in Cantabria took place succesfully. This drill is the last one of a total of 8 which were carried out since july in all SEVESO chemical plants in the province.

Colombia, September 2020. La Línea Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Latam and the most important infrastructure of this type in Colombia, was opened to traffic on 5 of september.

Cantabria, September 2020. On 3rd of september the chemical leaks drills was restarted in Cantabria. The first of the four scheduled drills until october took place in Dynasol (Gajano). It was tested the response capacity of the company and the emergency services in such cases of casualty.