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Tekia´s office in Barcelona

Basque Country, April 2020. The TEKIA-IDOM consortium (UTE RS 2018) has extended its work as Safety Officer of the tunnels managed by Bidegi in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa until April 2022.

For this contract as Safety Manager for Bidegi, which it has held since 2010 and whose extension has been extended until 2022, the UTE must carry out tasks such as drafting prior safety reports, evaluation of accidents or major incidents, continuous advice to the manager of the tunnel and the operators, supervision of the operating company, recommendations for closing the operation if necessary, inspection of the tunnels, monitoring of the implementation of the self-protection plan, etc.

In addition to being SR of the tunnels managed by Bidegi, TEKIA currently offers these services in the AP-9 tunnels managed by Audasa, AP-66 managed by Aucalsa and in the tunnels of the State Highway Demarcation in Asturias and in Cantabria for the Ministry of Development, as well as inspection body services for the Provincial Council of Vizcaya. span>.

TEKIA is a company with in-depth knowledge of safety in tunnels and as part of the activities it carries out, since 2007 it has been providing these Safety Manager services to different responsible bodies, carrying out this work in more than 300 tunnels throughout the entire Spanish geography.

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