Tunnel ventilation

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TEKIA and tunnel ventilation

At TEKIA, our experience in different urban and high-speed railways allows us to offer safety engineering solutions that cover everything, from designing the system to defining operations and emergency procedures.

During the commissioning of a tunnel, and also regularly during its use, the ventilation system should be audited. TEKIA uses a contrast methodology to assess the tunnel ventilation and evacuation system design based on 3D simulation and on-site tests carried out with our own equipment.

At TEKIA, we have been involved in over 100 ventilation projects in both road tunnels and railway tunnels around the world.

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Tunnel ventilation at underground infraestructures

Sizing ventilation systems in tunnels.

Defining the operation of ventilation systems (algorithms)

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies simulating fire scenarios and its evolution.

Pedestrian egress studies in case of emergency both in tunnels and train stations, using CFD simulations results as an input.

Evaluation of the operation of ventilation systems with aerodynamic and hot smoke tests.

Aerodynamic test: measurement of air flow velocity in different scenarios using ultrasonic anemometers.

Hot smoke test: fire drills by generating hot smoke with own-manufactured machinery.


CFD and evacuation simulation study regarding a metropolitan tunnel and 20 stations belonging to the Madrid Rail Network (Madrid)
Technical assitance to carry out a CFD and evacuation simulation study regarding a metropolitan tunnel and three stations belonging to the Blue Line in Jerusalem (Israel)
Simulación informática del sistema de ventilación y evacuación de estaciones de la Línea 1 del Metro de Quito (Ecuador)
Ventilation and gallery pressurization study in tunnels of Zapata, Lo Prado and Chacabuco in Route 68 (Chile).
Audit of the ventilation system of INVICAT and AUCAT´s tunnels (Spain)
Consulting services regarding fire safety measures of the "San Feliu de Llobregat" railway station (Spain)
Numerical modelling study in case of fire for the Vallvidrera and El Cadí tunnels (Spain)
Project facilities (Phase III Design) of the ventilation system in Toyo Tunnel (9.800 m.) (Colombia)
Project design of Ventilation System and Safety Operation Manual for the Ismailia tunnel (Egypt)