Public transport management

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Implementing an efficient and financially viable public transport project requires a high level of administrative organization and, ultimately, solid modal and fare integration with regional transport authorities. TEKIA’s offer materializes in this context thanks to the search for more efficient public transport through better organization and the integration of new technologies.

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Striving for the best public transport service

To reach our goal of a sustainable scenario where public transport offers efficient mobility, TEKIA offers engineering and consulting services for the use of the most advanced public transport management systems.
Based on those systems, TEKIA designs the technological and organizational model, and offers support in the implementation and operation of the systems.

TEKIA also offers technical assistance in tender procedures (drafting terms of reference, evaluating offers, assessing private initiatives).

Engineering and consulting services

Advanced revenue collection systems using new technologies.
Improved quality thanks to advanced fleet management (OSS) and user information systems.
Transport and service planning systems.
Passenger counting, security video surveillance and other systems.
Transport authority service and revenue collection supervision.

Designing the technological and organizational model

We draft technological plans for transport systems and design technological systems projects.
We design operating models including objectives, features (emergency management, traffic management, user services...), resources and procedures, based on the use of new technologies and organizational structures, quality control (indicators) and continuous improvement.


Design solutions to improve efficiency of driving including inefficient acceleration and braking, inefficient use of auxiliaries (lights, A/C), unnecessary use of engine at idle, uncomfortable driving (harsh turns, harsh stops, harsh braking, passing too fast through bumps) and overspeed and produce a dashboard with indicators on driving style, effdiciency, comfort and emissions.


Engineering and Technical Assistance Services in the design, development and implementation of the new T-Mobilitat validation and sales system, using contactless cards, in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (Spain)
Technical assistance to the Metropolitan Transport Authorities in the drafting of protocols, coordination and monitoring of the validation and acceptance trials for the T-Mobilitat Validation and Sales System (Spain)​
Definition, design, setup and maintenance of an efficient-driving assistance system (EFiBUS) for the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) (Spain)
Technical assistance in the implementation of Phase 1 of the technological overhaul project (OAS, TICKETING and IS) of urban transport in the Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona (community of municipalities of the Pamplona metropolitan area) (Spain)
Design of the interoperable collection system on lines 1 and 2 of the Lima Electric Train, including drafting the project to adapt the collection system for line 1 and the validation and recharge emulators (Peru)
Technical support to the Project Management in the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking in India. Project financed by the World Bank
BiT Project. Information and technology project for the design and implementation of a new concept of intelligent ticketing for the public transport network in Madrid (Spain)
Sistema Regional de información al viajero en 600 paneles en el marco del Plan de Modernización del Transporte Público de Madrid (España)
Modelo explotación en intercambiadores de transporte de Madrid (España)
Technology Roadmap for the ITS systems evolution of DFG-Lurraldebus interurban transit regular service in Gipuzkoa (Spain)
Technical support in the development of the Moverick Public Transport Operation platform in Chile
Design of the next-gen fare collect system and adaptation to the 4.0 model of Metro de Madrid station (Spain)
Defined the national Smart Mobility model (technological model and functional model) in Chile