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tuneles de boadilla y Valdepastores en M-50

Madrid, july 2023. TEKIA will carry out consultancy and technical assistance work as Safety Officer (RST) until 2028 of the existing tunnels in the network managed by the State Company for Land Transport Infrastructures (SEITT), which are located in the provinces of Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Almería.

As is common in the jobs of Safety Manager, throughout the contract tasks must be carried out such as writing previous safety reports, evaluation of accidents or important incidents, continuous advice to the tunnel manager and training and education of tunnel operators. control centers, supervision of the operating company, recommendations for closing the operation if necessary, inspection of the tunnels, as well as monitoring the implementation of the self-protection plan. Special attention will be paid to the adaptation projects to Royal Decree 365/2006 that are currently underway in several of the tunnels and to energy efficiency projects in relation to lighting and ventilation, which are not only critical for the safety of users. , but they are also the largest consumers of energy in this type of infrastructure.

In addition to the SEITT tunnels, TEKIA currently carries out this task in the AP-9 managed by Audasa, in the AP-66 managed by Aucalsa, in the tunnels of the State Highway Demarcations in Cantabria, Castilla y León and La Rioja, in the tunnels managed by the Tenerife Island Council, in the tunnels dependent on the Barcelona City Council, on the Gipuzkoa highways managed by BIDEGI, in the tunnels of the Principality of Asturias, and in the Karmelo Bernaola tunnel for the Bilbao City Council. It also provides Inspection Body services for the Provincial Council of Vizcaya

TEKIA is a company with deep knowledge of safety in tunnels since its foundation 25 years ago and as part of the activities it carries out, since 2004 it has been responsible for safety in tunnels in project, under construction and above all in service to different administrations of roads, carrying out this work in some 350 tunnels throughout the entire Spanish geography.

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