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TEKIA es neutra en carbono

Madrid, july 2022.  Since 2020 TEKIA calculates and compensates the CO2 emmisions of its activities. We have just calculate TEKIA´s emissions in 2021 and we have compensated them thru Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project.

In our purpose to fight climate change actively and in line with our actions in terms of caring for the environment, in collaboration with CeroCO2, since 2020 we have been achieving carbon neutrality through the calculation and compensation of our emissions . In addition, with our adherence to the #PorElClima Community, we want to contribute to the task of raising awareness, disseminating and promoting among people, companies, administrations and organizations that the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement and in the SDG 13 objective of the Agenda are met. 2030.

After calculating our emissions generated during the year 2021, we have offset them through the 5th phase Conservation of the Amazon project in Madre de Dios in Peru. This project, of great value for the conservation of biodiversity, will drastically reduce deforestation, increasing surveillance of the forest and promoting the generation of benefits in the forest for local communities. The project covers 100,000 hectares of jungle.

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