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Madrid, october 2020. On 1 October, the last chemical risk drill in Cantabria took place succesfully. This drill is the last one of a total of 8 which were carried out since july in all SEVESO chemical plants in the province.

These drills, the results of which have been fully satisfactory, have sought to verify the effectiveness of the external emergency plans of the main chemical companies in the Community that are necessary to prevent the consequences of possible serious accidents that may originate in this type of company.

State Security Corps and Forces, Civil Protection, 112 Cantabria, 061, municipal and regional firefighters, local police, Red Cross and personnel from different companies have participated in the drills. In all these exercises, TEKIA has provided support, such as technical assistance, to Civil Protection in their organization and execution. In addition, TEKIA has drawn up a report on each drill carried out, including the conclusions obtained.

The Foreign Emergency Plans, the effectiveness of which must be checked periodically through drills and practical exercises, were approved by Decree by the Autonomous Government and approved by the National Civil Protection Council. The Decree regulates not only the Foreign Emergency Plans but also establishes the most appropriate protection measures, the necessary human and material resources and the coordination scheme of the authorities, bodies and services that must intervene in the event of this type of emergency.

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